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News | iSTART-TEK’s Customized IP Adopted by Automotive SoC Suppliers

By July 20, 2023February 19th, 2024No Comments

With the rapid development of the semiconductor industry, emerging applications such as automotive electronics, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and cloud computing have increasingly higher demands for chip functionality and performance. Coupled with the continuous advancement of semiconductor processes, chip structures and the complexity of their functionalities have increased, resulting in greater challenges in chip design and an increased demand for Intellectual Property (IP).

iSTART-TEK specializes in memory testing and repair solutions as well as customized IP services, which provide customers with highly flexible and differentiated solutions. Additionally, iSTART-TEK ‘s customized IPs enable IC design companies to tailor memory testing and repair functionalities specifically to chip performance, thus enhancing product lifespan and competitiveness.

iSTART-TEK’s customized IPs have been successfully adopted by automotive SoC suppliers. The main reasons include: 1. Customized IPs can help reduce the time required to learn EDA tools. 2. iSTART-TEK can tailor customized IPs with specific functionalities based on the specific characteristics and requirements of customers’ chips. The customized functionalities include Power On Test (POT) for automotive SoCs and Circuit Self Verification (CSV) for memory testing circuits, which can be designed to meet the safety regulations and requirements of automotive applications.

As global automotive market moves towards electric vehicles, automotive manufacturers are competing to develop safer, more comfortable, and more convenient high-tech vehicles. iSTART-TEK ‘s customized IPs have already been successfully mass-produced for automotive electronic chip suppliers, including applications in driving safety inspection, car screens, and car charging chips. In the precision-driven semiconductor industry, using IP is indispensable for SoC design. iSTART-TEK ‘s customized IPs can fully meet customers’ customized needs in various functions, significantly reducing chip design time. This allows the company to seize market opportunities and enhance its competitiveness in the highly specialized semiconductor industry.

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