Company Profile

iSTART-TEK is a company that exclusively offers memory test and repair solutions, and provides customized design services. We hold innovative, unique and patented Configurable and Pipeline Architecture Based core technologies for memory test and accumulative memory repair, and provide real-time technical supports.

Through close collaboration, we provide total solutions to customers, enabling them to build optimized memory testing and repairing methods.

Lite-version memory test development platform


SoCs’ memory solution combining inspection and repair


Non-volatile memory test and repair

NVM Test and Repair IP

Various customized memory test and repair solutions

With the rapid progress of advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes, the design of new-generation electronic products has become increasingly sophisticated and their functions have become more complicated.

The design of system chip has increased the demand for memory. As a result, chip designing companies must actively seek better solutions when pursuing the ultimate goal of maintaining chip quality, power consumption, and performance, controlling product cost, and improving product reliability.

IC companies use the high-performance and low power consumption Configurable and Pipeline Architecture Based memory test solutions of iSTART-TEK to design and create system chips for new applications. With the help of these solutions, they can complete the design of high-quality chip in the shortest period of time and achieve effective cost control to strengthen their product competitiveness, maintaining a leading position in the competitive market of electronic systems.