Corporate Social Responsibility

The advancement and application of cutting-edge technologies have made people’s lives more convenient. However, they have also led to formation of global climate change, impacting the balance of the environment and ecology.

iSTART-TEK pursues sustainable development for both enterprise and the environment. With the goals of “high performance”, “low power consumption”, “low area”, and “easy to use”, iSTART-TEK is committed to the development of innovate technologies for memory test and repair to develop diversified supporting tools and best solutions. We have provided assistance to many world-renowned IC companies to improve the yield of various system chips.

iSTART-TEK hopes to pursue a balance between technological innovation and the environment through the use of our products and technologies, making people’s lives more convenient, while co-existing with the natural environment as well as all forms of life. We take as our mission creating a green enterprise, and fulfilling our responsibilities as global citizens.

iSTART-TEK upholds the philosophy of “Taken from Society, Give Back to society” to fulfill the social responsibilities and obligations of an enterprise, engaging in social participation.

Social participation achievements

Year Achievements
2022 Sponsored the Child’s Welfare League Foundation to purchase  laptops and supporting economically disadvantaged  children.
2021 areas.Provided care and organized summer science camps for elementary schools in rural

Joined the charity event of the Taipei Exchange and participated in the 1919 Food Bank donation.