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Intellectual property management plan

iSTART-TEK is a silicon intellectual property company which regards R&D results as the company’s most important asset. We actively establish intellectual property management regulations and mechanisms that are linked to operational goals, and promote various innovative activities to fulfill Silicon Intellectual Property Protection, Confidential Information Protection, and Employee Confidentiality Obligation.

To encourage employees to pursue innovation, iSTART-TEK has established a rewarding system that honors Patent Applications as well as Special Project Contributions, and set annual targets to urge employees to develop new technologies continuously, enhancing the competitiveness of the Company’s technologies and products. Through the diversified rewarding system, combined with the strategic use of the Company’s intellectual property rights, intellectual properties with great values are created for the Company. As of the end of May 2021, iSTART-TEK has accumulated several product innovation proposals, and some of the proposals have been selected for patent applications. Currently, a total of 14 patents have been granted in the United States, China, and Taiwan.

The head of the Intellectual Property and Legal Department reports to the Board of Directors on the implementation of the intellectual property management plan at least once a year.