Friendly Workplace

Employee remuneration policy

iSTART-TEK has formulated reasonable salary and compensation policies and established clear rewarding and punishment systems. Annual salary adjustments, year-end bonuses, employee remuneration and performance bonuses are provided based on the Company’s operating conditions, employees’ individual as well as departmental performance, and other related factors.

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Salary and compensation

  • Annual salary of 14 months
  • Performance bonus
  • Employee stock option

Employee insurance

    • Labor insurance
    • National Health Insurance
    • Labor pension contribution
    • Group insurance

Leave system

  • Five-day work weeks
  • Flexible working hours
  • Compensatory leave for overtime and business trips
  • Family care leave
  • Menstrual leave, maternity leave, paternity leave
  • Marriage/funeral leave
  • Half an hour returning home leave every Friday


  • Birthday cash gift
  • Travel subsidies for business trips
  • Subsidy for annual employee health examination

Other compensation

  • Annual salary of 14 months
  • Performance bonus
  • Employee stock option

Retirement system and its implementation

iSTART-TEK was established in 1998. The employees’ years of experience in the Company are based on the provisions of the Labor Pension Act. In accordance with the Labor Pension Act, 6% of the monthly salary of the employee shall be contributed by the employer and paid to the employee’s pension account. The retirement related matters shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Pension Act. Since the establishment of iSTART-TEK, there has been no employee retirement.

Protective measures for employees’ personal safety and working environment and their implementation

iSTART-TEK is committed to maintaining the health and working environment of workers. Important safety and health management tasks are as follows:

  1. Conduct annual safety inspections for fire equipment in accordance with fire safety related laws and regulations.
  2. Conduct public safety inspections for buildings every two years in accordance with building public safety related laws and regulations.
  3. Add fire insurance and public accident insurance to ensure the safety of employees in the working environment.
  4. Carry out safety and health education and training in accordance with occupational safety and health related laws and regulations.
  5. Organize a Fire Safety Seminar every year to raise employees’ awareness of fire safety.
  6. The cost of occupational accident insurance is paid fully by the Company to ensure the safety of employees at work.
  7. The security system is activated at all times to control the access of personnel in and out of the offices, providing a safe working environment for employees.