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START™ v3 (SoCs' Built-in Testing And Repairing Technology)

START™ v3 (SoC’s Memory Testing and Repairing Technology) is a comprehensive memory testing and repairing solution for generating BIST and BISR circuits which can be inserted into customers’ designs automatically. Its user-friendly interface and menu-style constructive configuration make it easy for users to implement DFT in any IC design.


  • Supports standalone repairing technical for memories without redundancy
  • Supports UDM (User Defined Memory)
  • Supports memory grouping setting
  • Supports auto clock tracing
  • Supports gate-cell insertion for power saving
  • Supports POT (Power-On Testing)
  • Supports DMT (Dynamic Memory Testing)
  • Supports advanced testing algorithms for MRAM & ReRAM
  • Smart fool-proof design
  • No Memory instance limitation
  • GUI interface
  • Advanced repairing architecture
  • Multi-chain design
  • Bottom-up flow
  • Programmable algorithm
  • Multiple memory testing algorithms


  • Automotive
  • SSD
  • Security
  • AI
  • Edge Computing
  • Network
  • High Resolution TCON
  • AIoT

Testing Interface

  • JTAG
  • IEEE 1149.7
  • IEEE 1687