Integrity Management

Integrity management policy

iSTART-TEK has formulated the Code of Integrity Management and the Procedures for Integrity Management and Guidelines for Conduct to regulate all business operations, ensuring that they are honest and fair, and comply with government laws and regulations. The Board of Directors and management also pledged to actively implement the business philosophy of integrity.

Executive unit

iSTART-TEK has set up a special unit for corporate integrity management, responsible for the formulation and supervision of integrity management policies and prevention plans. For integrity violations, inter-departmental meetings are held for deliberation. In the case of  a major integrity violation, it will be reported to the Board of Directors in accordance with relevant laws and procedures. In addition, an annual audit report on the relevant implementation status is prepared and submitted to the Board of Directors.

Reporting mailbox

iSTART-TEK conducts all business activities in good faith, and does not tolerate corruption or any form of fraud. If you find any employee of iSTART-TEK or any related individual  having suspicious behaviors, or violating the code of ethics, please inform us. Unless otherwise specified by laws and regulations, all complaints will be kept confidential, addressed individually, and promptly investigated by relevant units.

  • Report can be sent to the email : [email protected]
  • The informant must provide the following information: (Please note that if one of the following is missing or false, the report will not be accepted)
  • The name, ID number, address, telephone number, and e-mail of the informant.
  • The name of the reported individual or other identifying information.
  • Specific evidence available for investigation.