iSTART-TEK prioritizes an ecosystem as many of its IC design customers often use its products for memory test and repair operations. Some IC design customers hire design service companies for memory testing and repairing circuits. The design service companies  require memory IPs, and iSTART-TEK will recommend the memory IP suppliers that have used iSTART-TEK’s products or the memory IPs of the foundries to the design service companies. During final chip testing, iSTART-TEK and automation equipment suppliers offer a quick memory diagnostic solution to IC design customers for fast and accurate results. Through the collaboration with well-known cloud companies, iSTART-TEK brings customers the convenience of a one-stop service. Using iSTART-TEK’s clouding service, customers can access several key IC design steps including IP procurement, back-end design outsourcing, and foundry and ATE selection.


Direct sell START, EZ-BIST, EZ-NBIST and IP to fabless

EDA clouding service

Provide EZ-BIST-Cloud to MCU companies which use a little bit SRAM. But they still need to use EDA tool of BISTRepair


Collaborate with ATE’s company for developing automatic transformation EDA tool between simulation environment and test vector

IP provider

Collaborate with memory IP vendor for developing emerging memory IP’s testing and repairing solutions

Design service

Collaborate with design service companies for providing them with customized IP service


Collaborate with foundry for developing emerging memory IP’s testing and repairing solutions and getting eFuse for Hard-Repair