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Customized IP

Memory Testing and Repairing IP

For all memory storages, such as e-Flash, MTP, SRAM, MRAM …etc., iSTART can customize IP based on particular MBIST & MBISR design requirements. With accumulated patents and experiences in testing field, iSTART can accomplish MBIST & MBISR according to customers requirements and offer corresponding IPs to customers instantly. By means of iSTART’s professional technology service, customers can significantly improve their product quality and yield rate.


  • Provide testing IPs for all kinds of memories
  • Support POT (Power-On Testing)
  • Support DMT (Dynamic Memory Test)
  • Customized IP testing design


  • eFlash
  • OTP
  • MTP
  • Specific SRAM test and repair
  • MRAM
  • RRAM

Testing Interface

  • JTAG
  • IEEE 1149.7
  • IEEE 1687
  • SPI