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[ iSTART Webinar ] Make 5G, AI, Automotive chips a piece of cake with STARTTM v2


Date: 2020-09-24

Time: 14:00

Location: Gotowebinar

The application of AI, 5G, automotive and other key technologies has successfully driven larger market scale and business opportunities. START v2, lastest product developed by iSTART, is suitable for SoC applications with complex designs. There are no restrictions on memory usage units. In order to better meet the requirements of automotive safety systems, strengthen the testing process required for automotive ICs, START v2 features Bottom-Up, Multi-Chain, Auto-Gating clock functions and Power_On Testing. In response to the protection of high-end IC data security, the Dynamic Memory Testing is provided to meet the needs of all higher-end chip testing to ensure data security and accuracy.

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