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Exclusively Provides the Optimized Memory Test and Repair Solutions


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About iSTART

iSTART-TEK is a company that exclusively offers customized EDA tools as well as customized memory test and repair IPs. We hold innovative, unique and patented Configurable and Pipeline Architecture Based core technologies for memory test and accumulative memory repair and provide real-time technical supports.

Through close collaboration, we provide total solutions to customers, enabling them to build optimized memory testing and repairing methods.


iSTART Product Lines

iSTART-TEK provides various products and services, including the START memory testing and repair solution, NVM testing and repair applications as well as customized IPs.



iSTART Ecosystem

iSTART- TEK has cooperated with ATE vendors and developed the quickest memory testing and repair solution. As a result, iSTART will deliver the fastest, and most reliable memory testing and repair solutions.