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Episode 12: Algorithms specifically designed for different faults part 1

By January 31, 2024February 6th, 2024No Comments

iSTART-TEK has a professional tool for BIST algorithms. It can produce different algorithms even though the complexity might be very high. Could you help to introduce the tool to us?

Currently, “METHOD FOR GENERATINGAN MEMORY BUILT-IN SELF-TEST ALGORITHM CIRCUIT” has already obtained the U.S. patent certification, and User Defined Algorithm platform, UDA, uses the format of this patent. It’s possible to remove the repeated elements, and what’s more, you can edit the algorithm and define the address of memory in a file by yourself, which can shortening the test time. The key point is that it’s very intuitive to use. No matter how many reads or writes you want to use in your algorithm, just directly write them onto the file and turn on the corresponding tool settings. Even if you want an algorithm with a complexity of 68N, or even much higher, it can be easily created. If you want to know more detailed like how to setup, feel free to contact our technical support engineers.

What is a fault? And how is it generated?

In the circuits of Memory, due to manufacturing processes, there might be occurrences like necking or bridging of circuits, or with time, there might be IR-drop leading to circuit breaks. All these are collectively known as faults.

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