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Episode 10: Solutions to Complex IC Problems

By January 4, 2024February 2nd, 2024No Comments

What is the usage and purchasing method for EZ-Debug?

In traditional IC testing, especially MBIST testing, ATE machines are usually required, which brings additional costs and time. However, by using EZ-Debug, we can quickly and effectively perform MBIST testing, especially during IC trial production or small amount production. It’s very convenient to operate, as users can use MBIST tests directly through a PC with simple operations, eliminating the need for complicated ATE machine steps. This not only simplifies the testing process but also significantly reduces related costs. To purchase EZ-Debug, please contact the sales team at iSTART-TEK.

What about the usage timing and advantages of Diagnosis?

Diagnosis is mainly used to analyze memory failures. Through this diagnostic feature, we can obtain information related to failures, including under which algorithm it was detected, like which operation or element, error address, and data, etc. Developers can analyze the Diagnosis information and provide feedback to the chip manufacturers to improve yield rates.