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Episode 1: BIST & BISR

By August 7, 2023January 12th, 2024No Comments

In the first episode of iSTART Class, iSTART-TEK’s Senior Director of Technical Support and Senior R&D Engineer explain how BIST & BISR fulfill various requirements for IC design companies.
———-START Your Path to Excellence

BIST can only detect defects. To fix faulty wafers and convert them into usable chips, a repair solution is needed. BISR circuits can replace the faulty memory with redundant memory, allowing the wafer to resume normal operation.

iSTART-TEK is a professional memory BIST & BISR EDA tools provider with nearly 40 patents.
Through our EDA tools, we achieve what we call APA results, which stand for Algorithm, Performance & Area. This means that iSTART’s tools can offer many kinds of memory testing algorithms with excellent execution efficiency, resulting in the smallest BIST & BISR circuit area.
iSTART-TEK is currently the only memory BIST & BISR EDA tools vendor in Asia, providing tools suitable for all kinds of application of IC designs. Our customer base includes applications in AI, automotive, mobile phones, networks, displays, and more.

Based on customer feedback, iSTART-TEK’s tools have demonstrated fast and accurate generation of memory BIST & BISR circuits in many types of SoC chips.
This enables the detection of memory defects, effectively improving the quality and yield of customers’ SoC chips.