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News | Rafael Micro and iSTART-TEK Collaborate to Launch a Multi-Channel Mobile TV Wireless Receiver with Built-in Memory Self-Repairing Function

By July 10, 2023February 19th, 2024No Comments

In recent years, the mobile TV market for cars has been growing rapidly. This emerging market is driven by various factors, including increasing demand for in-car entertainment, real-time news and information collection, advancements in mobile broadcasting technology, and rapidly evolving in-car communication infrastructure. Due to its compatibility with various in-car devices and high-resolution capabilities, consumers’ interest in mobile TV for cars is rapidly increasing.

Rafael Micro has launched a multi-channel mobile TV wireless receiver chip for its customers. It is a solution that includes multiple RF tuners and an integrated digital modulator. Each tuner can be configured independently, and each customized tuner has an independent output that supports wireless signals such as VHF and UHF frequency bands. For example, ISDB-T has the advantages of high-quality audio and video and scalability, which is why it is frequently used in the automotive TV decoding market in many countries and regions.

RF TV decoding chips with multiple outputs require the integration of a large number of multi-channel RF and analog circuits, as well as a highly complex digital decoding design. The SRAM memory modules used in the pipelined operation structure are also numerous. To ensure that such a large amount of memory can maintain the highest yield in new manufacturing processes, iSTART-TEK provides memory testing and repair solutions to IC developers to address production pain points in the industry. This further improves yield, reduces defect rates and testing time, and ensures maximum profit margins for customers.

“The testing and verification of wireless SoCs are the most difficult parts in the entire design process, especially they need to comply with automotive regulations,” said Mr. Ken Li, co-President of Rafael Micro, “The overall performance, reliability, defect rate, immunity to interference, compatibility, and production testing of RF-related components are all critical factors that need to be carefully considered.”

As Asia’s only provider specializing in memory testing and repair solutions, iSTART-TEK exclusively customized design services, and its main products include EDA tools and customized IPs.

Rafael Micro has adopted STARTTM v3, iSTART-TEK’s EDA tool for customized memory testing and repair, on their RT58 series multi-channel mobile TV wireless receiver chips. STARTTM v3 has built-in self-testing features that can generate high-quality wireless SoCs. This customized EDA tool contains high-complexity testing algorithms and high-efficiency repair technologies, helping chip developers reduce design costs, shorten design time and increase chip yield.


About Rafael Microelectronics, Inc.

Rafael Micro is a fabless IC design company that focuses on high-end broadband RF technology and continues to extend its core technology to digital and high-speed optical communications. Its products include TV RF IC, STB RF IC, modulator chip, satellite broadcast LNB, optical communication IC and BLE 5.1/5.2 and Sub-GHz IoT communication chips. Rafael Micro’s product lines performance, quality and engineering services quality have been highly recognized by customers.
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As a leading provider of EDA tools and IPs, iSTART-TEK holds innovative, unique and patented memory testing and repair core technologies. By closely collaborating with customers, the company builds up optimized memory testing and repair solutions to meet customers’ needs.

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