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iSTART-TEK empower the global MCU developer

By September 18, 2021November 18th, 2021No Comments

The COVID-19 pandemic has long lasting impact worldwide and chip price hike have driven rising chip development cost.Achieving the high-confidence development cost is always addressed by the MCU developer.An unprecedented memory repair turkey particularly in Asia,providing memory testing and repairing technology.

iSTART-TEK empower the global MCU developer by extending  its ability to deliver more cost-effective advanced Cloud memory testing solution. MCU just like a Microcontroller Unit has been used across a broad range of electronic applications and given CPU, memory, input and output function. iSTART-TEK and clouding service platform developer have collaborated to realize clouding EDA memory testing solution providing sophisticated service to support EZ-BIST-Cloud.

Complementary EZ-BIST-Cloud with GUI mode (presenting directive interface with abundant buttons for taking operations),and its goal is achieving the effectiveness of applying EDA tool.Simultaneously, client’s information has been protected by Netlist input.

Ensuring iSTART-TEK and its client’ patent data security is achieved through comprehensive security method such as, cloud service supplier authorized access, data protection, cybersecurity, Threat Intelligence and security protection enhancement.