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iSTART-TEK Empowers the Global MCU Developers

By September 18, 2021February 15th, 2023No Comments

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a long-lasting impact worldwide and chip price hike have driven up the chip development costs. Achieving cost-effective development is always a concern of MCU (Micro Control Unit) developers.  As Asia’s exclusive provider of memory testing and repairing solutions, iSTART-TEK provides global MCU developers with the most cost-effective cloud-based memory testing technology.

An MCU is  like a micro-computer that is equipped with CPU functions, memory functions as well as input and output capabilities, and are widely used in various electronic applications. . iSTART-TEK along with a clouding service platform developer have developed EZ-BIST-Cloud, the customized memory testing tool.

EZ-BIST-Cloud adopts a GUI (Graphical User Interface, which refers to a computer operating user interface displayed in a graphical manner) mode, improving the effectiveness of utilizing EDA tools.  The Netlist input method can also secure the data privacy of clients.

By implementing security measures such as identity authentication and access control through the cloud platform provider, data protection, network security, threat protection, and security management, iSTART-TEK and its clients’ intellectual property rights can be protected.