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iSTART’s ecosystem has a new partner, a design service company, which creates unlimited opportunities

By January 29, 2021November 16th, 2021No Comments

How does iSTART-TEK (iSTART, TW-6786), a leading developer in memory testing and repairing technology, create infinite possibilities for its ecosystem? iSTART owns a unique position in the industrial structure, the latter half of the upstream of IC design industry chain. iSTART provides EDA tools to IC design companies, design service companies, and wafer foundries to shorten IC development time and improve yield rate of SoC. In summary, iSTART’s distinct position in IC industry allows it to establish heterogeneous integrated development and diversified paths, which will bring more new styles to semiconductor industry ecosystem and enables iSTART to play a unique and leading role.

iSTART recently signed a strategic alliance with PEILUN, in Shanghai China, a design service company suitable for small and medium-sized companies, adding an international design service company to the ecosystem. With the rapid development of China’s IC design industry in recent years, a great deal of small and medium-sized chip companies has been established. That is why the demand for professional division of labor is more urgent than ever before. Further, the field of chip research and design often encounters talent shortages and management bottlenecks. PEILUN is a solution to solve those pain points which mentioned above. Furthermore, through EDA tools of iSTART, it successfully completed the 3D smart image processing chip with a smart monitoring manufacturer, and quickly repeated calculations to complete the back-end design under the premise of meeting various performance indicators. It also completed the communication application processor chip in communication filed, greatly optimized the power consumption, and finally achieved various performance indicators.

The cooperation between PEILUN and iSTART not only allows PEILUN to provide delivery capabilities and resources comparable to those of leading companies, but also has a certain degree of flexibility. It helps design companies complete design shortcomings and improves the shortage of design resources, and effectively improves the efficiency of chip design companies. Additionally, it keeps iSTART stable on the infinite possibilities of the ecosystem.