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iSTART-TEK Wins ASICLAND Adopting START in AI Chip Design

By November 28, 2019June 23rd, 2021No Comments

Hsinchu, Taiwan – With the diversified tendencies of AI applications and continuously growing demands on computing power, the architecture of AI chip containing highly complex neural networks requires an enormous amount of computing resources to perform. As a result, the demands on memory from AI chips have increased significantly, and the demands for memory reliability have grown as well. Additionally, another fact shows that AI chip highly depends on memory repairing solution because of its high unit price.

iSTART-TEK INC. (“iSTART”), a provider dedicated to the SRAM Built-in Testing and Repairing Technology, announces that ASICLAND Co., Ltd based in Korea uses iSTART’s START solution (SRAM Built-in Testing And Repairing Technology) in their AI chips. Because there is massive memory in the complex ASICLAND SoC design, they particularly adopt Bottom-Up Flow, the new function of START to accelerate the memory integration in a complicated SoC chip and to quickly implement memory testing and the circuit repairing. START offers automatic flow to customers whom no need to do complex settings to accomplish the memory testing and repairing. The flexible START design solution is a Multi-eFuse structure that can make users repair memory with many eFuse elements. Besides, START also provides multiple supports for a verity of memory. iSTART helps our customers to carry out memory testing and circuit repairing by TSMC 28 nm foundry process.

ASICLAND is TSMC Value Chain Aggregator (VCA) and ARM Approved Design Partner (ADP). ASICLAND, a chipless and leading provider in the ASIC industry, provides ASICs to OEM companies and Fabless. ASICLAND is also focusing on the 4th industry ASIC such as AI, 5G, Block-Chain, and IoT to lead the market.

The Sales Director of iSTART, Vicky Lee says, “It is our honor to involve the ASICLAND’s innovated AI Soc project that is to reflect the changing demands in new product era and the semi-conductor technology rising from emerging market countries. A large-scale SoC project is carried out in a short time by effective cooperation from the RD teams of both sides, START automatic platform and iSTART on-time professional service.”

The AI chip with complex algorithm structures, which increasingly demanding on memory reflects that both the memory reliability and the comprehensive chip cost become critical than ever before. So much so that the levels of requirements for configurable memory testing and repairing solutions are also much higher. The iSTART’s START solutions can advance to ramp up productive yield rate, improve memory reliability, efficiently shorten the development time, and extend product life longer.