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News | POT 2.0 Wins Favor of More Automotive Chip Suppliers

By January 18, 2023February 19th, 2024No Comments

iSTART-TEK (TW: 6786) is Asia’s only company that specializes in memory testing and repair solutions, providing customized design services, EDA tools and IPs. As the automotive market heats up, global automakers are focusing on how to produce safer, more comfortable and convenient high-tech vehicles.

iSTART-TEK’s loyalty contracts are mainly from automotive chip suppliers. The reason that STARTTM v3 and EZ-BIST have gained the favor of automotive electronic chip suppliers in the past is that their exclusive POT 1.0 function for automotive chip design fully met the design requirements of automotive chip developers.

Recently, iSTART-TEK has introduced the exclusive “POT (Power_On Test) 2.0” function in STARTTM v3 and EZ-BIST for automotive chips. POT 2.0 not only helps developers to develop electronic components that are more cost-effective, better quality, and meet regulations, but its simple and user-friendly features also greatly satisfy many developers.

POT 2.0 can be utilized in more cases, including recording the test process in ROM (Read-Only Memory) to control use cases, controlling use cases in the form of RTL or with a signal, and even controlling use cases through the CPU (Central Processing Unit).

POT 2.0 also includes a new feature, “Real-Time Memory Monitoring” after power-on. This allows for immediate memory testing and repair of any errors found in the chip after power-on. The ” Real-Time Memory Monitoring” feature also conducts testing on the repaired memory to ensure it is functioning properly and maintaining normal operation. Another new feature in POT 2.0 is “Error Injection”, which is to ensure the accuracy of the memory test circuit, and supports iSTART-TEK’s patented “accumulated memory test and repair solution”. This allows for immediate memory testing and repair after power-on. When there are enough backup memories, it can proceed with repeated testing and repair of the chip’s memory along with the “Real-Time Memory Monitoring” feature, ensuring that the automotive electronic chip meets all safety regulations.

iSTART-TEK stated that the features of POT 2.0 have strengthened the safety design of STARTTM v3 and EZ-BIST for automotive chips. It also enables iSTART-TEK to win more contracts from automotive chip suppliers.