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News | Still Using Non-Legally Authorized EDA Tools?

By December 29, 2022February 19th, 2024No Comments

EDA tools are essential to streamline the IC design workflow and product development process, helping IC design companies stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry. With the advancement of manufacturing processes, the complexity and cost of chip design have greatly increased, making EDA tools an indispensable technology.

IC design companies require EDA tools to complete a series of tasks including feature designs, layouts, validation and simulation. As the advanced manufacturing processes and chip complexity increase, the cost of EDA tool software has also grown. However, if the companies adopt non-legally authorized EDA tools, they will not obtain real-time support and customized designs. Only by using legally authorized EDA tools can companies receive complete technical services.

iSTART-TEK is a leading provider of EDA tools and IPs, offering innovative and patented memory testing and repair technologies. By working closely with our customers, we provide optimized memory test and repair solutions that meet their specific needs. Our core value lies in our innovative patented architecture, which enables us to create efficient memory testing and repair solutions. We also provide real-time technical support to quickly resolve customers’ memory testing and repair issues. Our competitive edge is from our diverse memory test algorithms and patented user-defined algorithm platform, which help to generate high-efficiency circuits with a reduced circuit area, significantly reduce DPPM, and improve yield rates.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed people’s lifestyles, but also their consumption habits. Online shopping and food delivery have become popular consumption ways, and people are more focused on the service experience in the post-epidemic era. Similarly, when it comes to EDA tools, legally authorized tools allow users to access professional and real-time support from suppliers. iSTART-TEK provides instant and professional technical support and customized designs to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our unique memory testing and repair solutions help them develop high-quality chips and increase competitiveness.

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