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Episode 4: iSTART-TEK Technical Service

By November 9, 2023December 25th, 2023No Comments

It is known that our products are EDA tools for testing and repairing memory, but you may not know what our customer service and technical support are? And where our strengths are compared to other EDA companies, or through which channels you can reach us.

Our customer services are online and offline, including information on the official website, Clicking on the technical support item on iSTART-TEK website, you will see the technical articles, document download and technical forum which is workshop. Technical Articles is about the use and functionality of each tool and where it is suitable for application. The main idea is for transferring and promoting MBIST-related knowledge. Download is about our tool’s user guide and related documents. Technical Forum is the workshop platform, which is not only for customers download usual package tool, but also has another feature that is while clicking on each tool’s name, there are more detailed explanation of the function and the most frequently asked questions are included.
In addition, we regularly have webinar and iSTART Class videos, each webinar will be introduced to different topics, iSTART Class is suitable for the general public, quick absorption of mbist principle.

Our greatest advantage over other EDA companies is the flexible customization and efficient technical and R&D staff services. Flexible customization includes adding features to the standard version that customers need or testing processes that differ for specific algorithms, which can be discussed directly with our RD. If customers encounter any problems while using the tool, our technical support team and RD will handle it immediately, as we know that the IC design is always urgent. Efficient after-sales service has always been the core value of iSTART-TEK company. We have local service FAEs in Taiwan and in China that saves customers valuable time.