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iSTART-TEK Class|EZ-Debug NO.3

By November 7, 2023December 4th, 2023No Comments

“EZ-Debug”, It’s a tool to easily find the circuit failures in an IC or even in a memory. when everyone heard its name first time “EZ-Debug”, they might be suspicious about that: Is it really that easy? But iSTART made it, our design is to use it as easy as possible. To avoid the most complex part, Debug, for people.

EZ-Debug is a board directly connect with PC side and FPGA, on PC we can easily use a few clicks to control the FPGA/IC to do the test. What we do is to check if any failure exists in the circuits, it can directly show the hierarchy of the failure.

Usually, companies purchase ATE, which is the abbreviation of automatic test equipment, to do the auto test for IC. But using our memory diagnosis tool, EZ-Debug, is a great-bargain. It has a very fast working efficiency. If you choose interface to be IEEE1500, the upper limit of speed is 30MHz. Whatever, it sends 30 million signals into the EVB board in one second.