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News | iSTART-TEK and EE Solutions Join Hands to Enrich the Eco-system

By May 30, 2023February 19th, 2024No Comments

iSTART-TEK and EE Solutions have joined forces to establish a strategic partnership, further enriching the eco-system members of iSTART-TEK.

EE Solutions has been continuously establishing partnerships with EDA vendors, IP/library vendors, and semiconductor foundries, adhering to the concept of “division of labor” and actively searching for new partners to face the continuous design challenges. The company’s unique “hybrid” design environment uses tools from multiple EDA vendors plus internally developed tools for power, noise and die size optimization. EE Solutions has already established close cooperative partnerships with numerous solution providers, offering a rich selection of IP options and comprehensive integrated services. With strict control over customer data security, EE Solutions provides quality-oriented and standardized operational processes, coupled with flexible and customized business models, to offer customers competitive NRE pricing and assist in accelerating design and production completion. Through advanced design technologies, EE Solutions delivers optimal solutions, effective design methodologies, and a range of advanced IPs (silicon intellectual property) to assist customers in entering the field of nanometer design. Their services include specification discussions and formulation for ASIC designs, fully meeting customers’ design requirements, helping resolve technical issues, and completing production development.

As Asia’s only customized EDA tool and IP provider specializing in memory testing and repair in SoCs. Benefiting from its excellent position in the semiconductor industry chain, iSTART-TEK is constructing a comprehensive eco-system that integrates IC design companies, design service providers, memory IP suppliers, wafer foundries, test equipment suppliers, and cloud service platforms. Through the seamless integration of this eco-system, iSTART-TEK expands its market base, while providing customers with added values and market competitiveness.

iSTART-TEK is continuously constructing its eco-system, aiming to create a mutually beneficial community. Through a strategic partnership with EE Solutions, a professional design service company, iSTART-TEK enriches customers’ options in SoC design and increases the opportunities for customers to adopt iSTART-TEK’s solutions.