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iSTART-TEK Develops Testing and Repair IPs with eMemory Technology’s RRAM IP

By April 6, 2023No Comments

RRAM (Resistive Random-Access Memory) is a type of NVM (Non-Volatile Memory) with large storage capacity, and has the potential to replace the flash memories used in electronic products such as smart phone, AIoT (Artificial Internet of Things), IoT (Internet of Things) and automotive chips.

As the replacement of NVM, RRAM is becoming increasingly popular. Especially when the performance and energy efficiency of chips are constantly improving, RRAM has presented lower reading latency and higher writing speed. Compared to the NAND flash, RRAM also have the advantage of higher switching speed. Moreover, its power consumption is lower than NAND Flash, making it an ideal memory that can be applied in industrial, automotive, AIoT and IoT chips.

iSTART-TEK is Asia’s exclusive provider of memory testing and repair solutions, offering customized EDA tools, IPs, and design services to its customers. As the automotive market heats up, major global automakers are striving to invest in R&D to produce safer, more comfortable, and convenient high-tech vehicles. iSTART-TEK has developed a testing and repair solution based on eMemory’s RRAM IP, and it is expected to provide automotive developers with suitable memory self-testing solution and increase yield rates.

iSTART-TEK adopts the Behavioral Model of RRAM provided by eMemory to perform a customized IP design for memory testing and repair. This customized IP contains digital circuits for RRAM testing and repair methods. By using this customized IP, chip developers can reduce design costs and shorten the design time. In addition to the technical advantages brought by RRAM, automotive electronic chip developers can also improve chip yield rates through iSTART-TEK’s customized RRAM testing and repair IPs.