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News | ASICLAND Adopts iSTART-TEK’s UDA in Advanced Process

By June 22, 2022February 19th, 2024No Comments

iSTART-TEK (TW: 6786), the exclusive provider of memory testing and repairing solutions in Asia, has announced that its User Defined Algorithm (UDA) platform has been adopted by ASICLAND, a well-known Korean IC design service company, in their advanced process. UDA is the world’s first platform that realizes memory testing algorithms with a graphical user interface (GUI). With UDA, highly complex, flexible and diverse memory testing algorithms can be designed. Today, the price rise of wafer foundries is a foregone conclusion. iSTART-TEK’s patented layout allows UDA’s GUI to effectively design the most appropriate memory testing algorithms based on the process, program type, and chip application. It can also quickly generate customized memory algorithms, significantly reducing the defect parts per million (DPPM) and increasing the chip yield.

The evolution of advanced manufacturing processes has led to an increase in the memory requirements of the SoCs, and various types of memory defects will also arise accordingly. Only by developing a memory test algorithm with a high enough complexity can the memory failure be accurately detected. iSTART-TEK’s UDA is expected to bring fast, cost-effective and high-efficiency services.

Since the second quarter, the capacity utilization of many semiconductor foundries has declined, and there have also been oversupply in capacity, resulting in excess chip inventory in some IC design companies. As a result, IC design companies began to develop new chips. Benefiting from this trend, iSTART-TEK’s recent performance has gradually recovered.

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