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iSTART-TEK’s Patented Memory Repairing Technology Effectively Controls Chip Production Costs

By August 30, 2021November 16th, 2021No Comments

With growing applications for AI (artificial intelligence), edge computing, the IoT (Internet of Things), and AIoT, the market has greater demand for various types of chips. These chips all require SRAM (Static Random Access Memory). How to precisely detect defects in SRAM and repair them, thus improving yields and reducing chip production costs, is extremely important.

iSTART-TEK (6786) is a company that specializes in memory test and repair. In addition to offering memory testing and repair solutions, the company also provides customized design services, playing a key role in chip development. The Memory Testing and Repairing Solution provided by iSTART-TEK not only increases the yield of chip production, but also reduces the chip development costs.

The EDA tool START v3 (SoC’s memory Testing And Repairing Technology) developed by iSTART-TEK provides high-performance memory testing circuit and high-efficiency memory repairing technology. Currently, there are two memory repairing technologies available, namely hard-repair and soft-repair. Hard-repair requires the use of NVM (non-volatile memory), a component for recording memory error information, which can greatly shorten memory repair times. Soft-repair, on the other hand, does not require the use of NVM for recording memory error information. If spare memory is adequate, soft-repair can repeat the memory repairing process. The technologies described above can only be used if the memory itself has spare memory.

In response to semiconductor foundries’ increasing prices, iSTART-TEK completed the development of the patented memory repairing technology. This technology can fully utilize the unused SRAM in the SoC (System on Chip) to perform memory repair, thus allowing chips that would have been discarded in the past due to memory defects to instead be saved. iSTART-TEK’s memory repairing technology is based on Stand-alone Memory, offering a quick and cost-effective memory repair process that improves chip production yields and reduces chip development costs.

Due to rising semiconductor foundry prices and increased chip development complexity, demand for memory has boosted. Therefore, IC design companies require efficient and cost-effective memory test and repair solutions. iSTART-TEK’s Stand-alone Memory-based memory repair solution allows the unused SRAM in the SoC to be utilized as spare memory. A memory repair solution of this sort can greatly reduce chip development costs and effectively increase chip production yield. This makes iSTART-TEK the key player in chip development, and a company with promising future prospects.