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iSTART-TEK Imports Cloud EDA, Building the Complete Solutions to the IC Design Development

By June 11, 2021November 16th, 2021No Comments

iSTART-TEK (TW: 6786) is the only provider of memory test and repair solution in Asia. The main products are included EDA tool and IP (Intellectual Property). With the rising demands of IC design in the market, iSTART-TEK will collaborate with the worldly-famous Cloud Service corporations. Even the COVID-19 pandemic is still looming all over the world, with the EDA Cloud Service, more convenient memory tests and repair solutions as well as one-stop shopping service can be provided to the global clients.

iSTART-TEK emphasizes on the complete Ecosystem layout. In other words, iSTART-TEK begins from itself and reaches to the outside, through IC Design, Design Service, IP, Foundry, ATE and EDA Cloud Service, shaping the integral iSTART-TEK Ecosystem.

iSTART-TEK further mentioned, since the work division of IC design development is much more specialized, many IC design companies also need IP, EDA or design service companies to provide the services and enter into the outsourcing IC foundry, IC package and test phase after the design is completed. Currently, iSTART-TEK would recommend memory IP suppliers or foundries using iSTART-TEK tools or IP to the IC design companies for the usage of memory test and repair circuit design.

In addition, IC design companies can utilize iSTART-TEK’s IP or EDA to launch memory test and repair tasks. In the test phase, iSTART-TEK can provide their “memory quick diagnostic solutions” currently collaborating with the ATE (Automated Test Equipment) vendors to the clients, solving their problems with the most rapid and accurate memory diagnostic solutions.

iSTART-TEK will officially collaborate with the worldly-famous Cloud Service corporation in the second half of 2021, placing iSTART-TEK’s EDA tool, EZ-BIST (the lite version of memory test solution ) on the Cloud to provide clients fast and convenient EDA Cloud Services. Therefore, iSTART-TEK’s production capacity can be optimized and the sales in the market can be expanded rapidly.

Simultaneously, iSTART-TEK also mentioned that in the future, via EDA Cloud Service, clients can complete many crucial tasks in the IC design process, including IP procurement, the outsourcing of the late-stage design service, Foundry and the selection of ATE, and so forth. Besides from cost benefit and flexibility, the design flow can be speeded up, the time of product development can be saved, and the urge of the cross-field team collaboration in different regions. Overall speaking, Time to market can be accelerated. In brief, iSTART-TEK Ecosystem can provide fast and complete “One-stop Solutions” for all stages in the development of IC Design.