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Boosting the Future of HPC Chips and Next Gen Memory: iSTART-TEK’s EDA Tools with DMT Function

By March 17, 2021February 15th, 2023No Comments

iSTART-TEK, Asia’s exclusive memory testing and repairing solution vendor, holds promising prospects for HPC chips and the trend of  next-generation memory technology. With a focus on stability, the EDA tools offered by iSTART-TEK allow for “on-demand memory testing.”  This is beneficial for HPC development.

iSTART-TEK’s cumulative sales performance from January to February has increased by approximately8.6% yearly. The working hours of this period was shorter due to the Lunar New Year, and clients’ evaluation and the purchase of EDA and IP tools were postponed until March; therefore, February’s revenue  was slightly lower. However, the post-operation is considered positive. iSTART-TEK claimed that this type of products has a strong relationship with clients’ budget planning and product evaluation timeline. Once the clients release new products, the high demand of customization will prompt them to renew the contracts at a significantly high rate..

iSTART’s memory testing and repairing EDA tools have been applied by domestic and international well-known corporations. The new phase of memory testing and repairing EDA tools are expected to be launched in the second half of the year. The new product enables the IC designers to easily identify  the causes of errors in chips and helps them expand the target client base.

HPC chips are becoming the trend in semiconductor development. The proportion of memory on-chip has expanded to 80% by 2020. The yield rate and lifespan of memories are crucial factors in determining product competitiveness. iSTART-TEK highlighted that EDA tools provide the DMT (Dynamic Memory Test) function, allowing HPC chips to activate memory testing at any time to ensure stability..

In terms of the collaboration with ATE (Automatic Testing Equipment) vendors, iSTART-TEK can use its customized error analysis solution to swiftly analyze errors on SoCs. In addition, the current collaboration with the foundries on next-generation memories is likely to result in an annual boom in the IP business on the manufacturing end.

Currently, iSTART-TEK is also trying to partner with some world-renowned cloud corporations for cloud adoption plans. iSTART’s product series is expected to expand, providing a one-stop shopping solution to support clients in achieving their goals.. The market anticipates that iSTART-TEK will adopt a unique business model, combining IPs and EDA tools. In the initial stage, the revenue of EDA tools is expected to be more prominent. As the clients launch their IP business and move into mass production, it is foreseeable that the percentage of revenue from IPs will increase year after year.