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How iSTART’s Unique Ecosystem Drives Revenue Growth

By January 14, 2021February 15th, 2023No Comments

iSTART-TEK (iSTART, TW-6786), a leading developer in memory testing and repairing technology, is in the upstream of the IC design industry chain. This unique position allows iSTART to build the unique ecosystem, including IC design companies, design service companies, wafer foundries, memory IP suppliers, packaging and testing companies, cloud platform and universities in the world. Due to the high demand of HPC (High-Performance Computing), 5G, and AI (Artificial Intelligence), there was a vehement growth in the revenue of iSTART, 258.19 %, from 2019 to 2020. Moreover, iSTART continues to deepen the cross-industry cooperation to differentiate products, providing customers with higher added value therefore strengthen market competitiveness. iSTART not only cooperates with ASMedia Technology Inc (ASMedia, TW-5269), Sitronix Technology Corporation (Sitronix, TW-8016), and Qualchip Technologies, Inc., but also deepens the cooperation with M31 Technology Corporation (M31, TW-6643), a high-speed peripherals and memory IP company, which creates a virtuous circle of the ecosystem.

Through cooperation with IC design companies and feedback from customers, iSTART shortens the development time and provides customized total solutions. In this way, design service companies can accelerate design process with iSTART-TEK’s EDA tools and IPs. Adhering to cost-effectiveness, iSTART can balance testing time and area to maximize benefits via cooperation with memory IP companies. Furthermore, it provides Peking University and National Central University with relevant training courses and laboratories to nurture the next generation of IC design talents. Presently, iSTART is trying to collaborate with well-known cloud platforms to provide EDA tools on the cloud in the future, which provides an easy-to-access memory testing solution. These achievements are a direct result of iSTART’s established ecosystem.

In summary, iSTART indicated that because of its unique position in the industry chain, it allows iSTART to be the best leader to build the ecosystem. Additionally, its long-term investment in resources and human resources drives the growth of sales performance. Further, analysts estimated that due to the expanding ecosystem  and the high memory testing and repairing demands of 5G, HPC, and automobiles, the company’s revenue will continue growing.