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A well-known French IC design company completes contract renewal with iSTART-TEK

By September 7, 2020June 23rd, 2021No Comments

iSTART-TEK (iSTART, TW-6786), a leading developer in memory testing and repairing technology, announced the completion of contract renewal with Sequans Communications S.A. (NYSE: SQNS), a well-known French IC design company, prolonging the cooperative partnership since 2017. Sequans adopts START™v2, integrated circuit development environment for memory testing and repairing, as a key design tool for developing memory testing and repairing circuits in high-end LTE-chips.

Vicky Lee, Sr. Director of iSTART Sales Department, expressed her honor to be able to renew the contract with Sequans. “Sequans has always been a valuable partner, and it strives to redefine the standard of excellence. The trust of such partner is meaningful to us.” After comprehensive tool evaluation and excellent user experience, Sequans collaborated with iSTART again as long-term partner and adopted START™v2 to design memory testing and repairing circuit in latest project to ensure the accuracy of the data stored in chips. Consequently, it ensures quality of chips and further meets high product reliability requirement by IoT applications.

As the evolution of AI, 5G, and high-performance chips, iSTART continuously develops innovative technologies and offers complete and customer-friendly solutions through customized services to fully meet customers’ requirements for EDA tools. By this meant, iSTART can stand out among competitors and become the best and only option for customers while renewing contracts. Up to now, the renewal rate of iSTART is 100%.

Furthermore, iSTART provides total solutions for various memories, including SRAM, DRAM, eFlash, MRAM/RRAM, and MTP. START™ is an EDA tool that provides developers a more automated and faster way while designing multi-functional memory testing and repairing circuits. With high performance, low power consumption, and programmable and pipeline structural memory testing technology, START™ features programmable algorithm, bottom-up circuit insertion, hardware sharing architecture, diagnosis, power-on self-test, dynamic memory testing. It allows users to easily build optimized memory testing and repairing circuits, greatly reduces design and testing cost and increase the yield rate of chips, in the end, improves product competitiveness.