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Episode 11: iSTART Cloud

By January 23, 2024February 6th, 2024No Comments

What is the subscription-based cloud EDA tool service platform?

The subscription-based cloud EDA tool service platform is a new platform that allows users to run EDA tools in a cloud environment. Users only need to complete the corresponding VPN connection settings and then can easily use iSTART-TEK’s developed EDA tool – EZ-BIST through a browser connected to the cloud desktop environment. Additionally, the platform offers convenient file upload and download methods, allowing users to upload files to the cloud and also easily download them to their local machine after completing the MBIST circuit.

How does the subscription-based cloud EDA tool service platform ensure security?

The EDA tool service platform with chip Testing Technology’s subscription-based cloud has stringent requirements for data security. For the security of the member website, we use Microsoft Azure’s Multi-Factor Authenticator mechanism, requiring not only the correct password but also biometric verification via an app, significantly increasing the security of our front-end member website. Additionally, we use Microsoft Azure VPN encrypted channels to connect to the EDA tool usage environment, similar to how we use VPNs to remotely control it from home, ensuring that your data is protected from attacks and theft on the Internet. The entire Microsoft-provided cloud infrastructure and data centers are ISO certified and comply with multiple related data security certifications and legal requirements, offering a safe environment for development.

What are the other advantages of the subscription-based cloud EDA tool platform sevice?

The subscription-based cloud EDA tool platform service allows users to immediately use EDA tools through a browser connected to the cloud server after subscribing, without the need for complex installation and configuration. This convenience not only makes usage easier but also reduces maintenance costs for workstations. Without being limited by location, as long as there is a standard computer and a stable internet connection, users can easily operate the EZ-BIST tool and quickly create optimized MBIST circuits, shortening the time for IC design.

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