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Episode 6: START & EZ-BIST

By November 30, 2023July 11th, 2024No Comments

Besides START, what other products does iSTART have?
Let me introduce one frequently mentioned EDA tool that goes hand in hand with START – EZ-BIST. Other products will be introduced in future episodes. The main difference between EZ-BIST and START is that EZ-BIST focuses on developing memory test circuits. The reason is that different applications have different requirements, and iSTART aims to provide users with the most suitable tool. It is worth mentioning that to make EZ-BIST truly “EZ” to use, it supports a GUI mode, allowing users unfamiliar with command-line operations to have a more intuitive and time-saving experience. Additionally, if users are unsure which algorithm to choose, EZ-BIST can reference the user’s chosen application to provide algorithm selection suggestions. It’s truly “EZ” to use!

As far as I know, iSTART’s memory test and repair technology has obtained many patents. Besides its innovative architecture and technology, what other special advantages do START and EZ-BIST have?
In addition to holding nearly 40 patents in memory test and repair technology, START and EZ-BIST offer many automated features, including Auto Memory Identify, Auto Clock Tracing, and Auto Grouping. Auto Grouping can be done using default settings or customized based on user needs under different conditions. These advantages significantly reduce the time spent on manual configuration and modifications, allowing users to shorten chip development schedules. We also provide diagnostic functions, EZ-Debug, and a data analysis platform for ATE machines, making it easier for chip developers to get diagnostic analysis and results after memory test. Moreover, iSTART’s EDA tools offer advanced features specifically designed for automotive electronics and high-performance computing applications. More detailed introductions on this aspect will be covered in future episodes.

START and EZ-BIST, not only help IC design companies effectively improve chip yield, but also shorten the development time of memory test and repair circuits through many automated features.