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Episode 9: EZ-Safety & EZ-TEC

By December 25, 2023No Comments

Episode 9: EZ-Safety & EZ-TEC

Welcome to the ninth episode of iSTART Class. An assistant from iSTART Class. In the previous episodes, we focused on introducing iSTART-TEK’s products, mainly centered around EDA tools. Today, we’ve invited Tina, a senior software engineer at iSTART-TEK, to provide a sneak peek into the upcoming IP products from iSTART TEK.

What IP products will ISTART-TEK launch soon?

The first one is EZ-Safety. As mentioned in the last episode, iSTART-TEK’s EDA tools offer various features to enhance safety for automotive-related chips. Safety is crucial in the field of automotive electronics. Therefore, in addition to the EDA tool product line, iSTART-TEK continues to develop IP products like EZ-Safety. EZ-Safety adjusts the traditional MBIST architecture, allowing it to operate independently with in the existing MBIST framework. It extracts several important signals needed for memory testing, making memory detection more efficient. It automatically backs up specified memory information, and testing is not limited to the test mode only, contributing to overall safety improvement. Moreover, EZ-Safety highlights easy and intuitive insertion and integration. It not only enhances real-time and flexible memory testing but also specifically supports testing algorithms suitable for automotive applications.

What is the other new product?

The other upcoming IP product is EZ-TEC. Similar to EZ-Safety, it can independently operate within the existing MBIST framework and is easy to insert and integrate into designs. The implemented MBIST architecture of EZ-TEC has the capability to dynamically adjust memory test algorithms. We previously covered algorithms and memory failures in an episode. With EZ-TEC, designers can go beyond well-known common algorithms and customize testing algorithms down to the element level based on individual requirements. This customization aims to improve chip yield.