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iSTART-TEK’s EDA Tool START™ v3 Adopted by YEESTOR

By July 25, 2022December 29th, 2022No Comments

iSTART-TEK (TW: 6786), the exclusive provider of memory testing and repairing solutions in Asia, has announced that YEESTOR Microelectronics Co., Ltd has adopted its START™ v3, which is a memory testing and repair circuit development environment that plays a vital role in improving the yield rate of YEESTOR’s chip production.

As advanced manufacturing processes continue to progress, chips are being developed to be more low-power-consumption, high-performance, and small-area. As the functionality and complexity of chips increase, the testing time and cost also increase.

START™ v3 provides high-performance memory repair technologies including hard repair and soft repair. Hard repair requires the use of NVM (non-volatile memory) components to record memory error information. Soft repair does not require NVM to record memory error information, and memory repair can be repeated when there are enough backup memories. With the high-performance memory repair technology of START™ v3, customers can improve chip yield, reduce development costs, and significantly shorten memory repair time.

Adhering to the goal of helping chip developers achieve memory testing and repair circuits in a more diverse, faster and cost-effective way, START™ v3 provides a complete memory testing and repair solution and numerous features. It accelerates the development and design of memory testing and repair circuits for chips, enabling the overall memory testing and repair circuits for chips to achieve fast development and integration and low power consumption. Thus, the design and testing costs can be significantly reduced, and the chip yield can be improved.

iSTART-TEK is the only EDA tool and IP company that provides memory testing and repairing solutions as well as customized services in Asia. It holds innovative, unique and patented memory testing and repairing core technologies and provides real-time technical support services. Through close collaboration with customers, our total solutions enable customers to establish the optimized memory testing and repairing methods.

About YEESTOR Microelectronics Co., Ltd

YEESTOR specializes in solid state storage and provides industry customers with one-stop storage solutions including storage controllers, industrial storage modules, IP and design services. Its products cover consumer, enterprise, industrial, and automotive applications.

With 15-year experience of technology development and business expansion, YEESTOR has established a complete storage product line including SSD storage (SATA/PCIe), embedded storage (UFS/eMMC/SPI-NAND) and general storage (USB/SD). Their products have been sold over 1 billion sets.

YEESTOR has mastered many key technologies in the industry and has obtained 244 authorized invention patents. It owns the core IP of all storage controllers and provides integrated storage and computing solutions to meet the requirements of emerging applications such as AIoT and data centers.