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ASMedia and iSTART Partner to Promote High-End SoC Designs with POT

By January 7, 2021February 15th, 2023No Comments

iSTART-TEK (iSTART, TW-6786), a leading developer in memory testing and repairing technology, declared that the revenue of December 2020 has risen to NTD 6.99 million and the annual growth rate reached up to 95.45%. There was a vehement increase in the revenue of 2020, 258.19%, compared with 2019, which is driven by iSTART’s ecosystem that is approved by customers and continues to expand. Furthermore, by collaborating  with design service companies and memory IP suppliers, iSTART has gained extensive experience in developing EDA tools and optimizing complete memory testing and repairing solutions.

The increase in company’s visibility, customer satisfaction, and user-friendly tool operation have driven significant growth in the customer number and performance. iSTART’s tools can help customers accelerate their time-to-market for products. Therefore, ASMedia TECHNOLOGY INC. (ASMedia, TW-5269), a high-speed IC development and design company, recently signed a contract with iSTART.

ASMedia is one of the few manufacturers in the industry that has high-speed physical layer developing capabilities and specializes in USB, SATA and PCIe transmission interface design. It adopts some useful functions of iSTART‘s EDA tools, such as Memory Built-in Self Repair (BISR) and Power-on Test (POT), shortening the development process and making the products enter mass production stage earlier. Moreover, training and consultation before using the tool allow ASMedia to introduce iSTART’s tool into its SoC design in the shortest time. iSTART also offers customized designs according to customer’s requirements, which is another reason for ASMedia to adopt iSTART tool.

The new application of POT has advanced IC design field. Additionally, customers can optimize their chip areas and increase the yield rate of products with iSTART’s memory repairing functions. Compared with in-house solutions and other competitors’ EDA tools, iSTART tools offer more convenience and customization capabilities. How to create a win-win situation is always iSTART’s mission and purpose. Through this cooperation, iSTART is able to uphold ASMedia’s commitment to technological innovation, reasonable pricing, and emphasis on quality. iSTART’s EDA tools can also extend the capabilities of the POT function to cover a wide range of high-tech electronic products.

As high-performance computing (HPC) becomes more prevalent, the percentage of memory area in a chip accounts for up to 80% of the chip area. Therefore, memory testing and repairing functions have become essential in the design process. iSTART’s EDA tool with its complete functions is the best choice for customers.