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M31 Adopts START as MBIST solution in the SRAM Compiler IP

By October 17, 2019March 20th, 2023No Comments

The growing demand for SRAM is driven by emerging markets such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and automotive electronic chips. This demand has a significant impact on the way humans interact with technology. In addition, chip designers for these applications are looking for high-reliability, high-performance SRAM IP. That is why M31 Technology (M31, TW-6643) adopted START, an integrated circuit development environment for memory testing and repairing, as their MBIST solution for the SRAM Compiler IP. M31 fully verified the reliability of SRAM Compiler IP via memory testing circuit of START, which meets customers’ requirements for high-speed SRAM Compiler IPs.

Mr.Liang, VP of M31, indicated “M31 is glad to cooperate with iSTART. iSTART provides a complete and efficient testing method for SRAM Compiler IP verification. It not only generates quick and easy built-in memory testing circuits but also meets M31’s requirements of competitive IPs. “

Michael Chang, business development VP in iSTART, stated that iSTART was very pleased to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with M31. Through START and professional services from iSTART, M31 can complete the verification of high-speed memory IPs in the shortest time. In the future, iSTART will have further cooperation with M31 on the next-generation advanced memory to overcome challenges of emerging markets.

With complete testing algorithms, easy-to-use graphical operation interface, and in-time technological supports, START is the best choice that can meet customers’ requirements of high-speed SRAM testing and improve design efficiency.